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USFS Travel Management Plan
(TMP) Information

The USFS has implemented a Travel Management Plan (TMP) by issuing Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs).
Under this plan it is the responsibility of the operator of a motorized vehicle to know whether the area, road, or trail they are on has been authorized for motorized travel.
In order to assist OHV users in finding online versions of these maps, we have posted links to these plans.
In addition to having copies of the MVUMs, it is highly recommended you obtain a copy of the latest Forest Visitor Map (FVM). These are generally available, for a fee, at most Forest Service Offices.
Links below open in a new browser window. Before traveling, you should also check to see if there are any temporary restrictions in place for the area(s) you will be traversing. You can check current conditions from this web page: Current Conditions.htm.

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This page last updated March 16, 2019
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